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All-New SquareBounce Lighting Reflectors

Re-Engineered for Professionals

The Collapsible Lighting Reflector that Doubles as an Umbrella

SquareBounce Reflectors are designed to improve on the traditional fold-out style lighting reflectors.  It is a hybrid between a highly portable bounce board and an umbrella that provides shelter for you and your equipment.

Our patented design provides ergonomic comfort, precision and shelter all in one tool.   The goal is to help make life a little easier on your shoots.

Ergonomic Comfort

The flat umbrella design enables you to hold the reflector steadily in ergonomic-friendly positions. Muscle strain is drastically reduced when compared to using traditional fold-out reflectors as your arms do not need to be out-stretched. This is particularly helpful when moving along with talent.


Made with water resistant and UV protected materials, the SquareBounce shelters you and your equipment from sun and rain. Constructed with heavy-duty materials, the reflectors can stand up to the elements and can even be used in windy situations.

Mounts Directly to Grip Stands

The SquareBounce is designed to be used along side industry standard lighting and grip equipment. The 5/8" diameter carbon fibre reflector stem fits directly onto a grip stand without extra attachments or hardware. Mounting and locking the SquareBounce on a stand takes only seconds and provides a level of lighting precision unmatched by fold-out reflectors or bounce cards.

All New SquareBounce - Features Video

Re-Engineered from the Ground Up for Professionals

After recieving crucial feedback from users of our previous versions, we spent the last several years re-vamping the reflectors to meet functionalities and quality demanded by professional use.  Here are some of the new improvements made.

Heavy-Duty Materials

The All-New SquareBounce has been re-engineered starting with an overhaul of its structural frame design. The new reflectors are constructed with heavy-duty materials such as Carbon Fibre, Stainless Steel, Neoprene Fabric, High Density Fibreglass and Tool Resin. It is substantially stronger and more durable than ever before.

Proprietary Components

Each mechanical part of the All-New SquareBounce is redesigned to provide maximum strength and resistance to wear and tear in the field. The components are designed specifically for SquareBounce's unique flat umbrella structure. It may look like an umbrella at first glance, but the construction and design is closer to a lighting stand.

User Adjustable Components

The new friction based locking mechanism and hex key adjustable stopper allow users to fine tune the opening angle of the reflector. This ensures that the reflector can open up perfectly flat every time. The new flat cap ferrule (umbrella tip) reduces the reflector's footprint allowing it to work closer to the subject than ever before.

Neoprene Canopy Fabric

The 36 x 36 inch canopies is made of 2mm Neoprene fabric, similar to those used for scuba diving suits. The polyurethane coated neoprene material is water resistant and uv protected. When mounted on the All-New SquareBounce frame, it provides a robust reflective surface that greatly minimizes flickering of the reflected light when used outdoors. The perimeter of the canopy is protected with heavy duty webbing material to keep the reflector clean and protected from the ground.

Reversible and Swappable Canopies

A new corner straps design allows the canopies to be attached or removed easily so that both sides of any canopy can be used for different lighting needs. With this design a single reflector frame can be used with any of our reversible canopies. Surfaces offered are White, Silver, Black and Muted Gold in 3 combinations.

Detachable Stem

The central stem handle of the All-New SquareBounce is now detachable allowing the reflector to be used in tight spaces. This upgrade effectively reduces the reflector's footprint by 24 inches and also makes angle adjustments much easier when used with a grip stand.

Rugged Grip Handle

A mountain bike grip has been added to the All-New SquareBounce stem increasing both ergonomic comfort and durability of the reflector.

New Shoulder Bags

The new 'dry bag' style shoulder bags have been strengthened overall by the use of heavy duty 1000D Cordura nylon fabric. Two sizes are now available to carry single or double reflector kits.

All design, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and quality control are done in Canada.

Our products are made in small batches to ensure best quality suitable for use in professional environments.  

Every reflector is carefully tested before shipping.

Tip: Opening and locking the reflectors

Tip: Mounting the neoprene canopy onto the reflector frame

Awards and Patents

We are tremendously honoured to received TV Technology Magazine's Mario Award for 10 Best Innovative Products  at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas.

Our unique lighting reflector design was granted a patent from the Canadian Intellectural Property Office in 2015. 

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